Extended warranties

We offer extended warranties for Class 3, 7 and 8 trucks.

Our warranties cover the most important mechanical parts: e.g. engine, transmission and differential. Terms vary from 12 to 48 months depending on the warranty.

Whether you are in Canada or the US, you can benefit from one of our warranties.


Class 3, 7 and 8 trucks
  • Trucks less than 9 years old
  • 12 months
  • 24 months
Pinnacle and Pinnacle Plus
Class 8 trucks
  • Trucks 5 years or under
  • Non-specialized trucks
  • 36 months
  • 48 months

$100 deductible per repair

Buying a policy

To be eligible for one of our warranties, the components you want to cover must be inspected to :

  • detect leaks
  • determine engine performance
  • test drive the vehicle and evaluate overall performance

Any problems revealed by the inspection must be corrected before the parts can be guaranteed. The engine oil and filter must also be changed.

Manufacturer’s guarantee

Buying a truck with us?

The manufacturer’s guarantee may still be valid and able to be transferred.


The truck I’m interested in is already covered by the manufacturer's guarantee, but I would like to have an extended warranty. Is this possible?

Yes, certainly. You can add one of our extended warranties to the manufacturer’s warranty. The new warranty will come into effect as soon as the manufacturer’s guarantee expires.

Le camion que je vends est déjà couvert par la garantie du fabricant, mais j’aimerais offrir une plus longue garantie à mon acheteur. Est-ce possible?

Oui, certainement. Vous pouvez ajouter une de nos garanties prolongées à la garantie du fabricant. La nouvelle garantie entrera en vigueur dès que celle du fabricant viendra à échéance.

Can I choose the parts that will be covered?

Yes, of course. We provide warranties that are tailored to your needs. They all allow you to decide which parts you want covered.

If I buy a truck from you, do you provide a warranty?

Yes. You can choose one of our extended warranties. You can choose the term and coverage you need. The insurer behind our warranty program is Premium 2000.

Which insurer is behind your warranties?

It’s Premium 2 000, one of the largest providers of extended warranties for trucks in North America. Their extended warranty programs cover the most important parts of your truck.