Expert in heavy goods vehicles for 50 years, Groupe Gamache has a large inventory of used and pre-owned heavy trucks for sale. The Group is committed to restoring and preparing trucks that have already been used by others in order to resell them at a more affordable cost, without affecting quality. Groupe Gamache brings together several brands and categories of used and pre-owned heavy trucks, making it possible to find everything you could need in terms of trucks.


Tipper (dumper): The dump truck is a heavy truck equipped with a mobile body (metal box used for transport) that can move under the action of a bucket lifter. The latter, often characterized as tilting, is most often used to move and transport various construction materials and / or bulk products, such as sand for example.

Closed box (Dry Box): The closed box truck, also called the dry box, is a heavy truck with a closed trailer, used to transport non-perishable goods. Since the temperature of the closed box is not controlled, its usefulness lies rather in its ability to protect its contents from external elements, such as rain or snow.

Single cabin (Day-Cab): The single cab truck, also known as the city truck, is a heavy or mid-size vehicle without a sleeper. The single cab is used for transporting trailers over short or long distances for the delivery of various materials, equipment, or foodstuffs.

Van: Another type of light commercial vehicle, the van is also used to transport goods. Its weight being much less than that of the truck, the van is used to move various materials of lower tonnages. Unlike the single cab truck, the rear part used for transport is closed.

Cistern: The tanker truck is a heavy vehicle used to transport liquids, gases or powders in bulk. The rear of the truck is thus recognizable by its large tank, a stainless-steel container connected to the cabin. Its long cylindrical shape sometimes rests on an articulated trailer.

Snow removal: The snow removal truck is a road vehicle used to limit the presence of snow or ice on the roadway in winter. A heavy winter service truck, the snow plow is made up of a forwarder (ie. the truck) and a tool used to scrape snow (a skew blade). The services performed by the snow clearing truck are intended to prevent or reduce the drop in adhesion of other road vehicles on the roadway made dangerous by weather conditions.

Tow truck: The tow truck, also known as a tow truck, has the capacity to transport other motor vehicles that become immobilized on the road, broken down or following an accident. The tow truck is equipped to tow other automobiles thanks to its lifting and towing system. The damaged vehicle is loaded onto the tow truck and transported.

Crane: The crane is a truck fitted with a very large lifting device for handling and moving heavy loads. This heavy weight can be built differently depending on its use.

Maneuver (Shunter): The shunt truck (also known as the shunter) is a small truck used to move and transport trailers over a short distance. This type of heavy truck is used more on site (transition yard, for example) to haul trailers, rather than for long journeys.

Garbage/Recycling: The garbage or recycling truck is a heavy truck for the collection and transport of household waste. This used and pre-owned heavy truck is equipped with a special tipper (BOM), that is to say a box where the garbage is placed and through which the waste is transported to its destination. This road vehicle is specifically designed for the collection and transport of bulky waste.

Refrigerated/Refrigerated:A refrigerated truck (also called refrigerated) is a heavy truck specially designed for the mechanical transport of various perishable goods. The temperature of the box of the refrigerated truck is controlled and supported to ensure the preservation of frozen foods such as meat, fish, milk, etc. In other words, this used and pre-owned heavy truck makes it possible to transport goods that must be kept cold.

Specialized:The types of specialized trucks always vary from each other. They can be used for various kinds of non-standard transport, or for the transport of hazardous materials.

Tractor:The tractor truck (also called highway) is a heavy or intermediate vehicle with a sleeper. This type of used and pre-owned heavy truck is intended for towing other non-motorized vehicles such as trailers. Tractor trucks are fitted with a single or double berth for medium or long-distance transport for the delivery of food, equipment or various materials.


Buying a used and pre-owned heavy truck is a big decision and an expense that should not be underestimated. In order to make this great acquisition in a thoughtful way, there are a few steps you should not miss before your purchase.


It is essential to define your requirements for the used and pre-owned heavy truck that you want to buy: what will be its use? What work will it be used to achieve? What type of cargo will it transport? What type of journey will he do? These questions allow you to narrow down your options and find the model that meets your needs.


Determining your budget is an essential step in any good investment and also helps to limit the choice of used and pre-owned heavy trucks until you find the model and the perfect offer for your needs.


The advantage of buying a used and pre-owned heavy truck is its advantageous price-performance ratio. This is because used trucks are not only cheaper, but often in just as good condition as new ones. In addition to saving you money, used and pre-owned heavy trucks have lost little or no of their initial performance and are a profitable purchase in the long run. Buying provides greater flexibility than leasing while presenting a varied inventory adapted to all needs. Finally, the delivery times for a used and pre-owned heavy truck are much more advantageous than for a new truck! For a used and pre-owned heavy truck, delivery times will be short, especially if our company has a contract to honor. For a new truck, delays can take up to a year!


Groupe Gamache is the benchmark for used and pre-owned heavy trucks. Whatever your needs, we will have the model and the brand you need, at the best value for money!

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