Groupe Gamache has quite a wide variety of trailers for sale. Different structures on wheels attached to trucks in order to help the transportation of goods or materials for different needs and uses.


Animals:This closed trailer for sale is used for the transport and simultaneous movement of various animals on a more or less distant route. The interior of the trailer has partitions that serve as enclosures for moving animals and ventilation slots to allow them to breathe during the journey.

B-Train: The B-Train trailer for sale has proven to be very useful for transporting bulk goods, including liquids. The B-Train trailer is usually linked to another (the front trailer) through a hub (at the rear of the first trailer).

Logs: The log trailer, very popular in the forestry industry, is generally used to transport logs of wood, but also chips or biomass. Its structure is adorned with several side bars on the sides, allowing the cargo to be held in place.

Cistern:The tank trailer, cylindrical in shape, is intended for transporting bulk liquid products. It takes the form of a large tank.

Gooseneck: The gooseneck trailer for sale has a kind of long "neck". Indeed, its arched front part makes this trailer versatile and ideal for carefully transporting agricultural machinery, excavation or even goods (on pallets).

Container: The “container” type trailer for sale is a reliable and safe option for transporting fragile goods. This very versatile trailer can take various forms depending on transport needs.

Dumpster: The dump trailer has a simple and flat platform, without a roof or side walls. Its very low wheels, low to the ground, make it perfect for moving heavy objects, such as rocks.

Enclosed: The enclosed trailer is versatile and versatile. Its use varies a lot, between leisure and work, and is therefore used to transport a multitude of different objects, although often equipment or other means of transport (motorcycle, bicycle, snowmobile, etc.). protected from the elements.

Container carrier (Roll-off): The container trailer (also called Roll-Off) is a lifting device whose primary purpose is to move containers within another means of transport (boat or train).

For storage only:Trailers for sale for storage meet storage or handling needs for heavy and bulky products. These trailers are closed to keep stored items dry, and can sometimes be moved on short trips.

Refrigerated:The refrigerated trailer for sale has insulating properties that allow its operator to control the temperature. This trailer is ideal for transporting heat sensitive products and perishables.

CurtainsThe curtain trailer has the advantage of facilitating the loading and unloading of bulky goods. The sliding curtain system allows you to view the interior of the truck lengthwise, rather than through the rear door (which is still accessible).

Drop Deck:The Drop Deck Trailer for Sale offers two levels of platform, hence its name. Without a roof or side walls, the single trailer can be lowered, allowing higher materials to be transported.

Toggle (Dumper):Like the truck, the dump trailer has a movable receptacle, often used to transport bulk materials to the job site. It can also be used to transport equipment or waste.

Flatbed:The flatbed trailer has a straight and simple floor with no roof or walls. Thus, the load of the trailer is exposed to the external elements (possibility of using tarpaulins). The Flat Bed Trailer for sale is a great option for easy loading and unloading of bulky goods.


Groupe Gamache, with its wide selection of used trailers for sale, has what you need. In order to optimize your trips while respecting your needs, these trailers for sale will satisfy your budget as well as your transport needs.

  • Alutrec
  • Artisanale
  • Cobra
  • East
  • Ferricar
  • Fruehauf
  • Great Dane
  • Henri
  • Hyundai
  • Lode King
  • Look
  • Manac
  • Midland
  • Presvac
  • Remtec
  • Stargate
  • Stoughton
  • Titan
  • Trailmobile
  • Trans-Inter
  • Tremcar
  • Utility
  • Vanguard
  • Wabash
  • Westank
  • Wilson

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